Posted by : hopcroft | On : 02/07/2012

In this post we are going to talk a little bit about how to integrate Groovy (or another Scripting language like JRuby or BeanShell) within a Spring project. Achiving that is not really complicated, the only thing you need to do is add your Groovy scripts with a special schema within your application context. The example I am going to show you is uploaded to my Github account. You can find it right here.

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Posted by : hopcroft | On : 01/11/2011

Grails LogoGrails is a project from SpringSource and VMware led by Graeme RocherGrails, is defined in its website as:

an advanced and innovative open source web application platform that delivers new levels of developer productivity by applying principles like Convention over ConfigurationGrails helps development teams embrace agile methodologies, deliver quality applications in reduced amounts of time, and focus on what really matters: creating high quality, easy to use applications that delight users. Grails naturally complements Java application development since it is built on Spring and based on Groovy, the leading dynamic language for the Java platform.

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Posted by : hopcroft | On : 13/10/2011

Greach, The Groovy Spanish conference

El próximo 4 de Noviembre se celebra en la Universidad San Pablo CEU (Madrid) Greach, una conferencia sobre Groovy y una serie de frameworks y herramientas asociados como Grails, Griffon, Gaelyk ó Gradle.

La charla contará con gente experta en la materia como Graeme RocherGuillaume Laforge, ó Andres Almiray entre otros. Algunos de estos ponentes ya les pudimos ver en la anterior Spring IO el pasado Febrero, y la verdad que me dejaron muy buen sabor de boca.

El registro todavía sigue abierto y se puede acudir por sólo 10 euros hasta el 21 de Octubre. A partir de esta fecha el precio será de 25 euros. Para quién se anime nos vemos allí.



Posted by : hop2croft | On : 17/09/2011


In the following post we are going to talk about the Spring MVC project. But before that I have been thinking about writing some other posts about the Spring framework. I’m going to talk about some SpringSource projects such as Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security (O Auth) or Spring Faces to name a few. Moreover I’m planning to start writing about continuous integration and testing with (Hudson / Jenkins, Sonar, Cobertura, Selenium, Checkstyles, PMD, …). I’d also like write about Cloud Computing , as a novice developer in this particular subject, analyzing some frameworks and tools such as the Google App Engine (GAE) or Micro Cloud Foundry. But there is much left to all I have just mentioned so …. it is time to start with Spring MVC.

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Posted by : hop2croft | On : 10/09/2011


En el siguiente post vamos a hablar un poco de Spring MVC. Pero antes comentar que tengo pensado hacer una serie de post (el primero es este) sobre Spring. En concreto intentaré hablar un poco de proyecto de SpringSource como Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security (O Auth) ó Spring Faces. Además voy a hablar un poco de desarrollo e integración continua y pruebas (Hudson / Jenkins, Sonar, Cobertura, Selenium, Checkstyles, PMD, …). También me gustaría tratar temas de Cloud Computing , siempre como absoluto novato en la materia, analizando herramientas como Google App Engine (GAE) ó Micro Cloud Foundry. Pero para ello todavía queda …. así que empezaré con Spring MVC.

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